With Trust,Honesty and Respect “GUD TINGS R GWAAN


Coded Music was established in 2008 by BG Yhukutwana & Mika Rubuxa. The main aim & goal at the time was to give local artists the opportunity to record, release & show case their talent to the public.

The mission remains the same however now it is bigger than just simply recording and show casing, Coded Music’s mission is to put Cape Town at the forefront of Music in South Africa.

The region has always been blessed with talent but has always lacked the power to transfer that talent into a viable Cape Town based industry. Musically Cape Town has a lot to offer to the south African industry.

The time is now to shift control from the traditional strong hold to other regions of South Africa, much like Durban has begun. We aim to be at the leading end of the Cape Revolution.

Our focus is on undiscovered artist which we now boast as having among the fines from the Cape. We have vocalist, producers, rappers & hip hopers and a steady growth of supporters & partners as far afield as the USA & Pakistan.

As a company Coded Music is still young which gives us some advantages, making Coded Music a family of hard working, ambitious young people, which is what South Africa is all about. The partners & directors on the other hand have been in the music business for a while, having worked with a host of local & international artists.

As you will learn to experience music from a Coded Music perspective, you will come to hear the sound & see the sights of Cape Town music. The Main genres of focus at this point are Hip Hop & Rhythm & Blues.